We are a socially Responsible company creating Award Winning products which help you in your day – to – day life.

Our products come from listening and observing, and an emotional, ground-level understanding.

At McAnallen we have created luxurious aids that blend into a home. Reflecting a personality, not an injury or disability.

Our Sock-Aid

Our sock-aid allows you to put on your socks in a seated position without needing to bend down and it can be used with one hand.

Engineered with love, our patentpending technology makes our product comfortable and easy to use.

Made from soft, luxurious materials, available in a range of colours to fit your personality and blend into your home.

Kayleigh from

“I would 100% recommend this product if you have trouble dressing. I can’t get over what a fantastic idea it is, and I think that it’s going to change a lot of people’s lives in terms of independence.”

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