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Best of Belfast Podcast

Sarah sat down with Matthew from Best of Belfast to talk about her story on how she started her business.

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Meet Sarah McAnallen…

Sarah McAnallen is the CEO of McAnallen, a design-focused business that creates products with the purpose of making life easier for individuals with mobility issues. 

When Sarah was six-years-old her mum had a stroke which caused her to lose the use of her left hand — making everyday tasks difficult. It was out of this personal experience that McAnallen was born. 

While studying Product Design at Ulster University, Sarah worked closely with her mum to design a range of products including the Sock-Aid: a beautifully designed product that allows people with restricted ability to put on their own socks with one hand, while in a seated position and without the need to bend down. 

After winning countless awards and pitches, Sarah has now graduated and is taking her business forward.

In today’s episode, we chat all about what it was like to start a business while at university, how Sarah developed the confidence to speak in front of large crowds and what’s next for the future of McAnallen.

All this and more coming up on today’s show.

How To Listen

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