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Can a sock aid help back problems?

Back pain and back problems

Four out of five of us will experience back pain at some point. A strain or simple sprain causes the majority of back pain. These injuries usually improve in a short time with some self-help treatments.

If, however, the back pain becomes persistent (also known as chronic) or has a more complex underlying cause, it then will take longer to heal and you will need to speak to a doctor or specialist.

Back pain may be called various names depending on how long your symptoms last. You may have:

  • Chronic back pain that has lasted for longer than three months
  • Sub-acute back pain which has lasted six weeks to three months.
  • Acute back pain which has lasted less than six weeks.

How does back pain occur?

It’s not always possible to understand and identify the cause of back pain but, the majority of the time it’s not serious. Most back injuries do not cause lasting damage but you must listen to the pain your body is experiencing; it’s your body telling you to do something about it and rest.

Common occurrences of back pain are:

  • Bad postural habits such as sleeping or sitting in poor posture
  • Injury
  • Lifting something awkwardly
  • Doing an unusual movement
  • Being stressed or run down

What does a sock aid do?

A sock aid (also known as a sock assist or sock helper) allows you to put on your socks in a seated position without needing to bend down.

See the video below to find out how!

Our sock aid can be used with any socks from ankle to knee height, except for compression socks. The sock aid works for both male and female adult feet up to a size 10.

How can a sock aid help you?

When your body is recovering from a back problem, you back will heal quicker if you give it time to rest. As our back is the highway for communication between the body and the brain and it helps us move all of our limbs – resting it can be very difficult. 

The best way to approach this is by limiting the movements and strain of the back such as don’t lift anything heavy, don’t make sudden movements and use products like a sock aid to help you with tasks that require a lot of stretching in the back.

How our sock aid is designed for back pain

While designing this product we obsessed over the functionality. We wanted to allow you to customise your product to your mobility level. In order to do this, the straps are designed with multiple sections along the strap in which you can put your hand or arm into. It gives you full adaptability and allows you to maintain or strive to improve your mobility level alongside our sock helper.

Why our sock aid is the best on the market?

High quality – Each one of our products is hand made from start to finish. From the stitch on the strap to the cut of the plastic. They are made from hand-woven Turkish materials, which are so soft to touch. All of this combined with our patent-pending technology results in a premium product at an affordable price.

Personal to you – Our sock aid is the only one in the world to come in a variety of colours to blend perfectly into your home and reflect your personality.

Ease of use - Whether you're using this product on a daily basis or once in a while, it's easy and simple to use. It saves you stress, time and in your day so you can sleep for a little bit longer or start your day off early.

Portable - The product is thin, flexible and can fit in seamlessly to your busy life. Perfect for getaways, simply throw it into a suitcase or bag!

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